Fit HubFitnessGina Florio İnatçı Göbek Yağlarından Bu 4 Egzersiz İle Kurtuldu

Gina Florio İnatçı Göbek Yağlarından Bu 4 Egzersiz İle Kurtuldu

Gina Florio, neredeyse her kadının ortak derdi olan yağlı göbek bölgesinden mustarip yıllar geçirmiş. Denemediği yöntemin kalmadığını dile getiren Popsugar yazarı sonunda 4 egzersiz ile dilediği karın bölgesi görünümüne sahip olmuş. Gina’yı ve inatçı yağlardan kurtuluşunu sizinle paylaşmak istedik.


Gina Florio küçüklüğünden beri bel bölgesi, göbek yağları ile birlikteymiş.

I dodged a lot of poop and used condoms to get this shot — but hey, that's SF for you in a nutshell ??‍♀️ because as you can see I was feelin’ myself in this pic • If you follow along on my page, you know I rarely, if ever, do collaborations with brands. In fact, Imbodhi was the very first brand I ever said yes to for a collab. I'm a bodysuit fiend, and I'm pretty sure I've tried them ALL on, but I keep coming back to this one no matter what. @imbodhiwear suits are flattering, multi-functional (I wear mine to lift weights, do HIIT circuits, throw around kettlebells, do yoga, etc.), super soft, and hella durable • What I love most is that the Imbodhi bodysuits look good on everyone, no matter your height or your shape. This is coming from someone who is 5'1 and always has trouble finding leggings and bodysuits that don't totally swallow me. The cutout in the back is the absolute best part. I mean come onnnn ??? I cant tell you how many compliments I get on this thing when I wear it!! • Because I love these suits so much (and the beautiful, genuine people who create them), I'm sharing an exclusive discount code. When you check out, use GETSTRONGWITHGINA for 10% off one bodysuit. Shipping is free, as are returns, so you can order it and try it on at home without worrying about sending it back if it doesn't fit right! There are so many colors to choose from. Made from start to finish here in California. Four-way stretch, body compression features, moisture-wicking. So, so, so worth it. And no, I don’t make any money at all off your orders. I’m truly just giving a shoutout to a brand and creators I have endless love for ? • I hope you guys love it as much as I do. And if you don’t, you still have nothing to lose! What are your favorite bodysuits or leggings? Favorite brands? • #sanfranciscolife #bodysuits #fitnessfashion #workoutclothes #strongisbeautiful

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Ailesinin ona sürekli olarak kum saati genlerini alamadığı için asla ince bir bele sahip olamayacağını söylediğini dile getiriyor.


Oldukça zalimce olduğunu düşündüğümüz bu gerçek ile büyüyen Gina,

It's been a little while since I've shared a #TransformationTuesday pic, so I dug up this photo from early 2017 when I was living in Sayulita/San Pancho. It's amazing to see how much I've slimmed down. You can't see it from the pic on the left but my face was still healing from the fire that nearly killed me a few months before. The first inch of my hairline was still totally gone, my eyebrows hadn't grown back yet, and my eyelashes were just starting to appear again. And my skin was still healing. I'm so grateful there were no permanent scars left on my face. The only scars left from that day are on my ankles, and even now you can barely see them ?? • I have all kinds of excuses as to why I gained all that weight, but the bottom line is, I let life's circumstances rule me instead of taking control of what was in front of me. I was so devastated by the deportation, and frankly so freaked out by the fire that I was afraid to live my life. Any loud, sudden sound would send me straight back into panic mode, as if the fire was happening all over again. PTSD is a bitch to live with, and I used it as an excuse to eat all kinds of shit and let my fitness fall to the wayside. I kept wondering why why why all this shit happened to me and nobody else. I turned myself into the victim • But I picked myself back up. Because we ALWAYS have a choice to come back from the deepest, darkest places. I lost all the weight, dropped 2 dress sizes, and returned to good health. Thank you to everyone who helped me get there, trainers and friends alike: @cfavor @mikey.olz12 @squats_and_samosas @ttmai @shelbysassinfit @isabellerdl @popsugarfitness • #veganweightloss #weightlossbeforeandafter #veganfitfam #getstrongwithgina #healthyweightloss

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“Old school” diye tabir edebileceğimiz 4 klasik hareketi inceleyip antrenman rutinine ekleyen Gina, ne olduysa undan sonra olduğunu dile getiriyor.


Düdük gibi diyebileceğimiz elbiselerin içine girip büyük bir özgüvenle vücudunu sergileyen Gina,

I’ve been too scared to share the pic on the left for a long time, but the reality is, that used to be me — 30 pounds overweight, pointing fingers and blaming everyone else for my problems, and so unhealthy I could barely get out of bed in the morning without feeling like crying . Having always been athletic and fit, it was tough to come to terms with this weight gain a couple years ago. The shit that happened in my life in 2016 was so heart breaking and unjust, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But instead of picking myself up and moving on, I victimized myself. And stuffed my face with shitty food for a long time. And blamed the universe for “ruining my life.” But we always have a choice, no matter how much pain we’re in. I wish I had made the necessary positive changes earlier, but I’m glad I finally took responsibility for my life and regained control of my decisions . We live in a world that virtually fosters victimization. We’re told that we’re unhealthy because of all these external reasons that are out of our control. We’re lied to about all these new fad diets that will do the work for us. But I promise you, there is nothing more liberating than realizing that YOU have the power, YOU have the control to turn things around and create a life you’re proud of. It’s not easy, but it’s not supposed to be. If you want to read more about my transformation, link in bio ☺️ . Today I’m dealing with a bad back injury and I’m discouraged and upset that I can’t train for a while, but seeing how far I’ve come is a great reminder that all is good ? and I’ll be back in the gym soon and I’ve still got everything I need

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Sonunda yıllardır olmaz denilen vücudu oldurmuş durumda. Üstelik klasik karın kası mekiklerini uygulamadan. Peki Gina’nın amacına ulaşmasına ne yardımcı olmuş?


Bel bölgesindeki ve göbeğindeki yağlanmayı birkaç hafta boyunca kesintisiz yaptığı 4 harekete borçlu olduğunu söylüyor.

2017 is almost over and I can’t help but be very proud of how far I’ve come. If you want to read all about my story, click on the LINK IN MY BIO! I wrote in detail about the 4 major but totally doable changes I made this past year to lose weight, get my health back on track, and get fitter than ever. * * * * * When this year started I was in a bad place in my life. It’s hard to eat well and workout when you’re at rock bottom, so I lost my mojo and let my diet and fitness fall to the wayside. But you can always turn things around. You always have a choice and you always have the chance to take responsibility for your decisions. If you’re in a similar place as I was at the beginning of this year, take this as proof that you can get yourself to a better place if you just put in the work and commit to a few simple changes. If you ever need someone to vent to, DM me! I know how helpful it is to have a friend who is there when you need support! * * * * * And don’t be shy about taking your own pictures of your progress. Don’t listen to the people out there who spew bullshit about how before and after pictures are self-involved, unhealthy, etc. Looking back on my pictures over the last several months has motivated me to keep going and take care of myself every day, no matter how hectic things get ??❤️?? #getstrongwithgina #beforeandafterweightloss #beforeandafter #veganweightloss #popsugar #popsugarlife #pslife #plantbasedweightloss #plantbasedeating #veganweightlifter #veganasian #veganlifestyle #eatplantsnotanimals #weightliftingforweightloss #liftweightsloseweight #sanfranciscofitness #californiafitness #californiafit #asianfitness #asianfitgirl #veganfitgirl #fitvegan #vegangym #equinox #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightloss2017 #weightlossjourney2017 #veganfitfam #poweredbyplants

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Bunlar front squat, deadlift, overhead press ve animal flow. Tabii eklemeden geçmeyelim bu süre içerisinde sağlıklı ve dengeli beslenmeye devam etmiş.


Kadınların ağırlık antrenmanlarına, vücut geliştirmeye ve powerliftinge koskoca bir soru işareti ile bakmasına gülen Gina,

Which bodysuit do you like better? ? Y'all, I have been feeling so good lately and for the first time in a long time I'm proud of my body and my fitness level. 2016 was by far the hardest year I've had, so I came into this year overweight, insecure, and feeling really sluggish. Not to mention, I was generally unhappy with the direction my life was going. But I've got my mojo back and I turned things around, all due to a lot of hard work and dedication (and a lot of weight lifting). It's definitely not all about how you look, but getting your life on track, through both diet and fitness and lifestyle, will change the way you feel and function, and that's what matters most ?????? #fitness #fitnessgirl #goals #motivation #fitnessmotivation #weightloss #workinghard #fit #fitspo #fitgirl #fitnessjunkie #fitnessjourney #workout #workoutmotivation #workouttime #happy #bodypositive #loveyourself #loveyourbody #inspiration

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Bu sporlardan aldığı hareketler ile göbeğini yıllardır istediği şekle sokabilmiş.


Front Squat hareketinin mükemmel bir egzersiz olduğunu söylüyor.

Bu hareket ile Gina aynı anda farklı kas gruplarını çalıştırabildiğini ve bu yüzden dengeli bir gelişim ve görünüm yakaladığını söylüyor.


Deadlift de front squat gibi çoklu kas gruplarını hedefliyor ve karın bölgesinde muazzam bir yararlanım sağlıyor.

Let's talk DEADLIFTS. I've gotten some requests to post a little how-to guide on deadlifts, so consider this Part 1. Deadlifts are the ultimate exercise to strengthen your lower body — hamstrings, glutes, lower back — as well as your core. I prefer deadlifts to squats any day of the week (even at 6am which is why I look halfway dead in this vid ?). Here are some tips to help you incorporate them into your routine • ⚡️First, master the HIGH HINGE: If you don't understand high hinge, you can't do deadlifts. With your knees slightly bent, hinge at your hips, keeping your back totally straight. This is crucial, especially in your lower back. Bring your shoulders back and open up your chest. Think Superman chest. Bend over and drive your hips back only as far as your mobility allows. Be honest with your range! • ⚡️Standard Deadlift, aka RDL: I'm using a kettlebell here because I like how it's a little higher off the ground than a barbell, but you can use a barbell or even dumbbells. You can see as soon as I grab the bell I engage my lats and pull my shoulders back. Maintain that position throughout the whole set. Drive through your heels and squeeze your butt at the top. Engage your core the whole time • ⚡️Sumo Deadlift: This is my favorite variation. It targets the inner thighs much more but requires a little more flexibility in your psoas (your frontal hip area). Drive your knees outward in the same direction as your toes • ⚡️Single-Leg Deadlift: I'm holding the KB in my opposite hand (you can use a dumbbell or even a landmine). Keep your back straight, a slight bend in your standing knee, and point your extended toe down to keep your hips in one line • Don't be afraid to go heavy with this exercise. Your body is much stronger than you give it credit for, and you were built to lift heavy things. Just be sure to engage your core and lats the whole time and drive through your heels. • What's your favorite deadlift variation? Any other exercises you'd like to see a breakdown of? • My lavender @gymsharkwomen set is taking me straight into the weekend #gymsharkwomen • #getstrongwithgina #deadlifting #strengthening #kettlebellexercises #veganstrong #plantbasedfitness

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Gina haftada 3 gün deadlift çalıştığını ve her seferinde farklı varyasyonlarını uyguladığını söylüyor. Sumo deadlift, single-leg deadlift ve conventional deadlift favori egzersizleriymiş.


Overhead press hareketinin çoğu kişi tarafından önemsenmediğini söyleyen Gina bunun için de oldukça üzgün.

If you wanna sweat your ass off and feel like you accomplished something at the gym, bookmark this ? when I got home from Phoenix yesterday the last thing I wanted to do was train, as you can see from my face in the beginning ? I was cranky and stiff from the flight, and I had happily indulged in some major goodies on my retreat, but instead of bingeing on past episodes of Silicon Valley, I dragged my ass to the gym and busted my butt with this workout. SOOO glad I did it, because I felt LIGHTYEARS better afterward and set myself up for an amazing night of Westworld and sleep. Did anybody see episode 1 of season 2 last night??! • It all starts with a juicy barbell complex: 5 RDLs, 5 bent over rows, 5 front squats — without putting the barbell down! • Then 1 minute of battle ropes, followed by 1 minute of box jumps ? I’m finally exclusively using the “men’s” height of the box, but use whatever you feel comfortable with • 4 rounds in total with 1 minute of rest in between • If you don’t feel this one you are not human… Give this a try and tag me: #getstrongwithgina • Wearing my favorite @carbon38 pants and @onnit top • Thanks for the inspiration from our barbell cert @juannit_247 @coachjohnwolf @shaneheins • #barbellworkout #veganstrength #plantbasedathlete #mondayworkout #fullbodyworkout #strongvegan

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Ona göre bu harekete odaklanıp doğru bir şekilde yaptığınızda karın kaslarınız inanılmaz bir şekilde çalışıyor.


Animal flow, Gina’nın göbek bölgesi yağlarını eritmek için seçtiği son egzersiz.

It’s impossible to fit it all into a minute, but this is a little glimpse of my morning pre-workout movement ritual. I spend some time every morning doing some variation of Animal Flow, backbending, rotational work (which I couldn’t fit into here) • As much as I love seeing the vast variety of strength content and workouts on IG these days, I do wish there was more emphasis on bodyweight movement. Sure, you may be able to deadlift 2x your bodyweight, but how comfortable are you in a deep squat? How easily can you move around on the floor? I’m still working on this myself. My background is yoga and strength training, but I’m trying to mix it up every single day and get my body warm and supple by moving it in different ways. I highly encourage you to do some flowwww! The weights will always be there waiting for you when you’re done ☺️ • Tag your flow buddies! Or someone you want to flow with @venus2bfab @niafitmitts @animalflowofficial @coach_vishalkumar @francheskafit • #animalflow #moveyourbody #bodyweighttraining #veganfit #veganstrong

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Biraz yoga, biraz jimnastik biraz da breakdans karışımı gibi görünün bu egzersiz, güçlü bir karın bölgesi oluşturmaya yardımcı oluyor.

Eskiden Gina’nın da dediği gibi “göbeğim var, karın bölgem sürekli yağlı ve ben bunun üstesinden bir türlü gelemeyeceğim” diyorsanız bir daha düşünün. Doğru egzersizler ile istemediğiniz fazla yağ dokularından kurtulabilirsiniz.

Victoria’s Secret Mankenlerinin Antrenöründen Evde de Yapabileceğiniz 3 Egzersiz